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Welcome to Care Forester Europe AB's online store. All Care Fores products are manufactured in world patent Pneumolastic. We use a Swedish sewing factory!
We hope you will find our online store easy to navigate and to order in. Do you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

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The principle of PNEUMOLASTIC

Pneumolastic is a patented technology of ultrasound fabrics, produced from a composite system. The elasticity of the length, width and depth makes Pneumolastic can cover the most vulnerable parts.

In contact with the skin causing the structure a deep and lasting massage effect, like alternative acupuncture with the press. The result is tangible and measurable muskelcirkulations-rate increases.
The fabric designing it becomes a constant pumping effect through the hollowness, which repels stale air and moisture and takes in fresh air in the system.


Saddle Pad

Saddle Pad

1,175 kr